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1990 Mustang GT Convertible $26,950 (SOLD)

The tired cliche’ “bought it off a little old lady in Anywhere USA” is alive and well with this car, a two-owner, time capsule Fox-body that we acquired from the second owner, who was in fact a little old lady in Montpelier, VT.

Her late husband had acquired it from his best friend, who had originally purchased the car from Formula Ford in Montpelier as a retirement present to himself. The car had been in climate-controlled storage since 2009, and was always garage kept prior to that.

With only 31k miles on the clock, this particular GT is a living testament to “survivor” Fox-body lore, as it’s completely OEM-stock original (exceptions: tires, oil filter, air filter, battery) and unmolested.

On the outside, the factory finish (paint code EH, Cabernet Red) is completely flawless, with not a single scratch, dent, ding, or ping on the entire car.

The convertible top is original, and has never been down; the power top motor functions perfectly.

All of the window glass is clear, unscratched, and flawless, and still bears the original Ford safety decals.

Up front, the original headlights, parking lights, and turn signals are still in place, clear and unfaded.

The period-correct turbine wheels are free of blemishes, curb rash, and wheel-weight scars. The tires are size-correct, like new, and date-coded 2009.

Both the driver and passenger doors display zero sag, and close solid with minimal effort.

On the inside, the interior is flawless, with no rips, tears, stains, or noticeable wear of any kind; the back seat appears as if no one has ever sat in it. Both front seats have perfect seat bolsters. The ashtray door has perfect spring function. The map pockets have zero sag. The factory radio and all speakers function as new.

The power windows (side and rear quarter) all function as new, with no slowness or delay; the power door lock actuators on both sides function as new, as does the trunk release inside the glove box.

Inside the trunk, the carpet is perfect, as is the original convertible top boot and case, with instructions, which has never been used. Lift the carpet and you’ll find the original spare tire lid with jack instructions decal still in place; underneath are the original spare tire, jack, and jack handle, which have never been removed from the car (the jack handle still has the red plastic end cap on it).

Under the hood, you’ll find the original pony-embossed insulation pad, clean and not torn. All of the original emissions equipment is still in place, including the smog pump and all vacuum lines. The original air box with decal is still in place, as are the stock headers. The coil cover (with emissions and airbag decals) is still in place, as is the distributor boot. The car retains all of its original date-stamped spark plug wires and hoses. All of the original decals on the radiator support are still in place.

Underneath, all stock suspension components including shocks, struts, springs, and sway bars are still in place. All bushings are solid and not dry-rotted. Most importantly, the car retains its entire stock exhaust system, including H-pipe with cats, flanged mid-pipes, Ford-embossed turbo-style mufflers, and correct tail pipes.

There are no fluid leaks of any kind.

Moreover, the car was Zybart undercoated from the dealer, so the entire undercarriage is completely rust-free and  very well preserved.

The car starts, runs, and drives as new. All mechanical systems function as new, with the exception of the AC, which has not been converted to R134, functions as normal, but does not blow ice cold.

The car comes with some maintenance paperwork, and a Deluxe Marti Report, which denotes that there were only 119 Mustang GT convertibles with this paint and trim code produced in 1990.


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