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1986 Firebird Trans Am WS6 (SOLD)

We recently discovered this survivor Third-Gen Firebird in sleepy upstate New York. It had spent most of it’s life with one owner, until changing hands a few times locally after death and divorce. We rescued it from the third verifiable owner, who didn’t know a Firebird from an ostrich…

She and her husband took delivery of the car in lieu of cash to settle an outstanding debt, and parked it outside under a tree in their yard for a better part of a year. Had we not discovered it when we did, they probably would have started driving it…in the dead of winter!

All-in-all, with less than 25k original miles on the clock, it’s an outstanding example of a VERY clean and unmolested Third Gen Firebird, a black WS6 car to boot, fully-loaded with every option, including the optional rear differential (G92), rear disk brakes (J65), T-tops (CC1), and hood bird delete.

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