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New Car Reviews

  • JUST FOUND: 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 $24,950

    This survivor Fox-body with just 75k miles on the clock lived its entire life in upstate New York, in the care of two previous owners, the second of which had owned it since 1990. Mechanically, it’s highly stock/OEM-original, exceptions being the nostalgic March Ram-air airbox and new Flowmaster FlowFX cat-back exhaust...

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  • 1989 IROC Z28 5.7 $29,950

    We found this survivor Third Gen Camaro up in Milton, Vermont, where it had spent its entire life changing hands amongst a few different local owners. It’s definitely rare to find them as super-clean and unmolested as this one in Vermont, especially a black 5.7 IROC Z with only 62k...

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  • 2001 Firebird Trans Am (SOLD)

    Low-mileage, unmolested LS1 car with some tasteful mods, anyone? With just shy of 30k miles on the clock, this vibrant red bird sports Corvette C5 wheels, full-length Texas Speed long tube headers and off-road exhaust, SLP air box lid and filter, leather interior, T-tops, six-speed, short-throw shifter, complete BMR Stage...

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  • JUST FOUND: 1990 GT Convertible (SOLD)

    The tired cliche’ “bought it off a little old lady in Anywhere USA” is alive and well with this car, a two-owner, time capsule Fox-body that we acquired from the second owner, who was in fact a little old lady in Montpelier, VT. Her late husband had acquired it from his...

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  • 1990 Mustang GT 5.0 (SOLD)

    The 1990 model year for the already long-in-the-tooth Fox-body platform marked the midpoint in the rise of the fuel-injected 5.0 resurgence, which began in 1987 and ended in 1993 with the SVT Cobra. Years 1987 and 1988 were the speed-density days; 1989 ushered in the mass-air modulated cars, and for six years...

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  • 1987 Trans AM GTA $29,950

    With slightly more than 30k mile on the clock, this pristine ’87 Trans AM GTA marks the first year that Pontiac introduced the “Grand Tourismo Americano” edition of the venerable Third-Gen Firebird platform.It was also the year that the band Guns N’ Roses’ released its debut album, “Appetite for Destruction,” for those looking...

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