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1993 Mustang SVT Cobra $42,000

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In 1993, Ford wanted to send its Fox-body platform – one of the longest-running in Ford’s history, from 1979-1993 – out with a bang. Ford’s newly-resurrected Special Vehicle Team (SVT) introduced the 5.0 Cobra, which incorporated many of the off-the-shelf performance parts, like GT40 cylinder heads, under-drive pulleys, and larger mass air, that young hod-rodders at the time were ordering from the Ford Racing Motorsports catalog and bolting onto their mainstream GTs and LXs.

Performance-wise, the Cobra also boasted a one-off intake modeled on the famed GT-40 tubular intake, specially-tuned exhaust, more refined shocks and suspension tuning, and larger vented front AND rear disk brakes, only the second time this appeared on a Fox body (the first in 1984-86 during the SVO days).

To help set the Cobra apart visually, SVT added subtle exterior enhancements, like a restyled front valance with round fog lamps, unique 17-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels, a rear deck wing and special Cobra badging.

This is one of 1854 black Cobras, out of a total run of 4993; you could only get them in black (1794), teal (1355), and vibrant red (1784).

With only 14k on the odometer, it’s 100% OEM-stock original, in mint overall condition. With all options, including leather interior, sunroof, and power driver seat, it’s a pristine example of the baddest production Fox-body ever produced, just as SVT intended.

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